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    what I’ve chosen | what I chose vol.4

    2015. 7.13(mon) - 8.1(sat)
    12:00 - 18:00
    Closed on Sundays
    日曜休館 * 7/25,26はオープンキャンパスの為プレオープン(10:00-16:00)

    Flyer and banner were designed by SHIOTANI Keigo

    概要 / Summary

    どのような視点で世界と向き合っているのか。 つくることを選んだという共通のキーワードを基に、美術大学で教育に関わる彼らの作品を展示致します。是非ご覧ください。

    Seian Art Center is pleased to announce a group show titled what I've chosen | what I chose vol.4 .
    This exhibition is focused on staff members at Seian University who are also active as artists, who have “chosen /chose to create" after studying art and design.
    Why did they choose to make artworks?
    What is their goal in continuing to create art?
    From what standpoint do they view the world?
    We will exhibit the works of these artists and designers involved in education at art universities in this exhibition where the works are linked by the keywords "to choose making/ creating”.
    Please join us.

    出品者 / Exhibitors

    今岡一穂 |IMAOKA Kazuho 経歴/CV

    岡本里栄|OKAMOTO Rie 経歴/CV

    岸本倫子|KISHIMOTO Rinko 経歴/CV

    楠本孝美|KUSUMOTO Takami 経歴/CV

    塩谷啓悟 |SHIOTANI Keigo 経歴/CV

    高辻ゆづき|TAKATSUJI Yuzuki  経歴/CV

    新岡良平|NIIOKA Ryouhei 経歴/CV

    福田真知|FUKUTA Masakazu 経歴/CV

    藤井俊治|FUJII Toshiharu 経歴/CV

    明界要介 |MYOUKAI Yousuke 経歴/CV

    森糸沙樹|MORIITO Saki 経歴/CV

    森田存|MORITA Ali 経歴/CV

    山本友輔|YAMAMOTO Yusuke 経歴/CV

    主催 / Organizer

    成安造形大学【キャンパスが美術館】/Seian Art Center