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Gest Artist CV


《Hight Lights Scene -Goalkeeper-》 Video still from Hight Lights Scene, 2014, Single-channel video, 20 min.

Takehiro IIKAWA

1981 Born in Kobe City, Japan

2003 Seian University of Arts and Design, B.A.

Lives and works in Kobe, Japan

2014 "Hight Lights Scene" (MARMA BERLIN PROJEKT | Berlin)
2013 "outdoor" (Art Center Ongoing | Tokyo)
2013 "Happening Upon" (The Museum of Modern Art | Shiga)

2012 "fade out, fade up" (Seian University of Art and Design, Gallery ARTSITE | Shiga)

 2012 "Fade out, Fade up & Decoratorcrab" (Kodama Gallery Kyoto | Kyoto
2010 "Good Streetlamp" (Kodama Gallery Tokyo | Tokyo)

 2008 "Good Situation" (Kodama Gallery Tokyo | Tokyo)

2008 "Good Situation"(Kodama Gallery | Osaka
2007 "The clock for practice of time" (Kodama Gallery Tokyo | Tokyo)

2006 "The clock for practice of time" (Kodama Gallery | Osaka)

2014 "Search project vol.3" (-Apartment One One One-)
2014 "Search project vol.3 -Apartment One One One-" (Art Area B1 | Osaka
2013 "Once was Now, Now is Over, Yet will Come" (Platform China | HongKong
2012 "NIPPON-ISMES" (Galerie DA-END | Paris, France)

2009 "Rendezvous 09" (Institut d’ art contemporain | Villeurbanne, Lyon, France
2009 "SOUVENIRS FROM KENJI MIYAZAWA" (Mitsubishi-Jisho ARTIUM | Fukuoka
2008 "Ignore your perspective #4" (Kodama Gallery | Osaka
2007 "Awaji Island Art Project 2007" (Awaji Island | Kobe
2005 "Art Court Frontier 2005" (Art Court Gallery, | Osaka
2004 "Invisible Garden Project #2: ie skirt" (Kyoto
2003 "Invisible Garden Project #1: Invisible garden" (Osaka)

2007 "Istanbul Film Festival: MIACA Compendium 2007" (Istanbul Film Festival | Istanbul)
2007 "LUX SALON: MIACA@LUX" (LUX | London)
2007 "LUX SALON: MIACA@LUX" (LUX | London)

2014 "MARMA BERLIN PROJEKT" (Berlin | Germany
2013 "Art Center Ongoing - residency program" (Tokyo)

2007 "YOMOYAMA ART PROJECT" (Yomoyama-so | Ibaragi
2007 "Artist in One Day Residence" (Voin Pahoin | Yokohama)


2012 "HAJIMETEN EXHIBITION!" (Café & Books Bibliothèque, E-ma | Osaka
2011 "Rokko Meets Art 2011" (Rokko Country House | Kobe
2011 "AJIMETEN and Funny Audience" (NADiff Window gallery | Tokyo)

2010 "Spectacle in The Farm" (Nasu Animal Kingdom | Tochigi, Japan



2005 "International Triennale of Contemporary Art: YOKOHAMA 2005" (Yokohama)
2005 "Shinkaichi Art Street" (Kobe Art Village Center | Kobe
2005 "Re:Olympic" (Kaigandori Gallery CASO | Osaka
2005 "Table Tennis Players" (ART ZONE | Kyoto)


《Vacuum-cleaner》2011, wooz, plastic objects, 180x160x79cm 撮影: 武藤滋雄


1978 Born in Kyoto
Lives in Kyoto


2013-2014 “Towering Something” chi K11 art space, Shanghai
2013 “Towering Something” Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
2013 “Something in the air” Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney
2012 “Something on the Planet” ShugoArts, Tokyo
2011 “Ghost in the City Lights” Eslite Gallery, Taipei
2011 “POST-NOTHING” Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney
2010 “Recent Works ‘Post Something’” ShugoArts, Tokyo
2010 “Ghost in the Museum” Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe
2009 “Teppei KANEUJI: Melting City/ Empty Forest” Yokohama Museum of art, Kanagawa
2009 “Tower” Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney
2009 “METAMORPHOSIS- objects today” gallery αM, Tokyo
2008 “TEAM 10 Teppei Kaneuji”Ghost In The City Lights”" Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo
2008 “Great Escape” project room sasao, Akita
2007 “splash & flake” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Museum Studio), Hiroshima
2007 “smoke & fog” Kodama Gallery, Tokyo
2007 “hole & all” Kodama Gallery, Osaka
2006 “splash and flakes” Kodama Gallery, Osaka
2006 “liquid collage” TAKEFLOOR, Tokyo
2006 “phenomenon” Kodama Gallery, Tokyo
2004 “small animals and great flood” Kodama Gallery, Osaka
2004 “ghost in the white nights” Kodama Gallery, Tokyo
2003 “smoke / heavy fog” Kodama Gallery, Osaka
2002 “White / Drift” Kodama Gallery, Osaka

2014 “500 meters' project 001 Re: Would you please send it?” Sapporo Odori 500-m (Underground Wallkway Gallery | Sapporo)
2013-2014 “Mono No Aware. Beauty of Things. Japanese Contemporary Art” (The State Hermitage Museum | Saint Petersburg)
2013-2014 “MOT Collection” (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo | Tokyo)
2013-2014 “Now Japan; Exhibition with 37 contemporary Japanese artists” (Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort | Nederland)
2013-2014 “Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT” (Mori Art Museum | Tokyo)
2013 “Why not live for Art? II” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery | Tokyo)
2013 “what (n) ever” (Coop Kitakagaya | Osaka)
2013 “Re: Quest―Japanese Contemporary Art since the 1970s” (Museum of Art, Seoul National University | Seol)
2012 “Her name is Abstra” (Daido Soko | Kyoto)
2012 “Japan Media Arts Festival in Hong Kong 2012 Parade: Invisibles In Japanese Media Arts From
2012 "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons" to [IS Parade]” (ArtisTree | Hong Kong)
2012 “Sculpture by Other Means” (ONE AND J. GALLERY | Seoul)
2012 “CPUE 2012” (LE DECO | Tokyo)
2012 “Building: Art in Relation to Architecture” (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art | Hiroshima)
2011 “Akatsuka Fujio Manga University Exhibition” (Kyoto International Manga Museum | Kyoto)
2011 “Ways of World making” (The National Museum of Art | Osaka)
2011 “The wonderful world of Figure Dolls” (Borderless Art museum NO-MA | Shiga)
2011 “Making is Thinking” (Witte de With | Rotterdam)
2011 “JAPANCONGO” (Le Magasin – Centre National d’Art Contemporain | Grenoble,France)
2011 "Singapore Biennale 2011" (National Museum of Singapore | Singapore)
2011 “Extra Schicht 2011″ (Dortmunder U | Germany)
2011 “ROKKO MEETS ARTS 2011″ (Kobe)
2011 “PACIFIC” (Scion Installation L.A. | Los Angeles)
2010 “Contemporary airy crafts from Japan to Taiwan” (Project Fulfill Art Space | Taipei)
2010 “RESONANCE” (Suntory Museum | Osaka)
2010 “ONE AND J. GALLERY at PIERRE KOENIG” (Pierre Koenig Case Study House #21 | Los Angels)
2010 “Yellow Gate” (Sangrok Gallery, Gwangju Museum of Art | Gwangju)
2009 “Re: Membering” (Gallery LOOP | Seoul)
2009 “MOT Collection: Summer Play Ground” (Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo | Tokyo)
2009 “WARM UP” (Minsheng Art Museum | Shanghai)
2009 “Platform 2009 Projects by Invited Curators” (KIMUSA, etc. | Seoul)
2009 “Hiroshima Art Project 2009 Kippo Maru: Exploring inside the ship !” (Kichijima | Hiroshima)
2009 “City-net Asia 2009” (Seoul Museum of Art | Korea)
2009 “Twist and Shout” (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre | Bangkok)
2008 “MOT annual 2008 Unraveling and Revealing” (Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo | Tokyo)
2008 “Tangent” (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre | Aomori)
2007 “Mixed Signals” (Ronald Feldman Gallery | New York)
2007 “All About Laughter: Humor in Contemporary Art” (Mori Art Museum, | Tokyo)
2007 “ignore your perspective 3” Kodama Gallery, Osaka“VOCA 2007″ (The Ueno Royal Museum | Tokyo)
2007 “Beautiful New World: Contemporary Visual Culture from Japan” (Long March Space/ Inter Arts Center/ TOKYO GALLERY+BTAP | Beijing/ Guangdong Museum of Art | Guangzhon)
2007 “Exhibition as media” (Kobe Art Village Center | Hyogo)
2007 “All About Laughter: Humor in Contemporary Art” (Mori Art Museum | Tokyo)
2006 “ignore your perspective 2” (Kodama Gallery | Osaka)
2006 “With Marcel Duchamp” (Kodama Gallery | Tokyo)
2006 “DAIWA RADIATOR FACTORY VIEWING ROOM vol.1” (Daiwa Radiator Factory Viewing Room | Hiroshima)
2006 “ALLLOOKSAME? / TUTTTUGUALE?: Arte Cina Giappone Corea Arte” (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo | Trino)
2005 “Table Tennis Players”[as a member of artist unit “COUMA”] (art project room ARTZONE | Kyoto)
2005 “ignore your perspective” (Kodama Gallery | Tokyo)
2005 "YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art, [as a member of artist unit “COUMA”] (Yamashita Wharf | Yokohama)
2004 “Art Court Frontier 2004 #2” (ARTCOURT Gallery | Osaka)
2004 “Art in Transit Vol.6” (The Palace Side Hotel | Kyoto)
2004 “Re SPORTS (Pre-event of Re OLYMPIC)” (STUDIO EARKA | Osaka)
2003 “NICHIJYU” (Gallery Sowaka | Kyoto)
2003 “KOBE ART ANNUAL 2003: Grip the Gap” (Kobe Art Village Center | Hyogo)
2002 “Fukankei” (neutron | Kyoto)
2001 “Shuchou Ten” (gallery ARTISLONG | Kyoto)


2014 Collaboration with theater company ARICA, work for the set design of “Happy Days” (Yokohama Red Brick Werehouse Number1 | Yokohama)
2013 Collaboration with theater company ARICA, work for the set design of “Happy Days” Aich Triennale 2013, (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater | Nagoya)
2012 Collaboration with theater company ARICA, work for the set design of “This is ARICA Show!!” (VACANT | Tokyo)
2011 Collaboration with Owlspot, work for the set design of "Impossible To Understand You, It’s Almost Like Electrical Devices" (Owlspot | Tokyo)

2002 Encouragement Prize at “Kyoto City University of Arts Works Exhibition”
2010 Sakuya-konohana award
2013 Best young Artist Award by City of Kyoto

Yokohama Museum of Art
Mori Art Museum
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Takamatsu City Museum of Art
The National Museum of Art


《HARE or KE.》2013, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Sound, light bulb, fluorescent light, table lamp, fan,etc.


1981 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2005 Kyoto City University of Arts, B.A. Fine Art Sculpture
2005 Royal College of Art, Sculpture department, Exchange program
2007 Kyoto City University of Arts, M.A. Fine Art Sculpture
Lives and works in Kyoto


2014 "Exchange -Planting the seed" (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre | AOMORI)
2013 "what(n)ever" (coop-KITAKAGAYA, adanda | OSAKA)
2012 "Rokko Meets Art 2012 " (Mount Rokko National Park | Hyogo)
2012 "AME To Quantize" (Antenna Media | Kyoto)
2011 "Exhibition as Media [SHINCHIKA SHINKAICHI]" (Kobe Art Village Center | Kobe)
2005 "Kyoto City University of Arts , Degree Show" (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art | Kyoto)
2006 "via" (gallery sowaka | Kyoto)
2005 "Kyoto City University of Arts , Degree Show" (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art | Kyoto)
2004 "Kobe Art Annual [TONARINOMADO] " (Kobe Art Village Center | Kobe)
2004 "Art Camp in CASO" (Kaigandori Gallery CASO | Osaka)
2003 "Kyoto City University of Arts Annual Exhibition" (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art | Kyoto)
2003 "Tsuyoshi Hisakado and Midori Tsuchiya" (Dohjidai gallery | Kyoto)
2002 "Kyoto City University of Arts Annual Exhibition" (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art | Kyoto)

2002- Formed SHINCHIKA

2005 Kyoto City University of Arts, Origin Prize
2007 Kyoto City University of Arts, encouragement Prize

2014 Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (Aomori)


《THE SEVEN SEASONS》2011,Yokohama Triennale, Photo by KIOKU Keizo

Yukinori MAEDA

1971 Born in Nara, Japan
1994 Kyoto Seika University
Lives and works in Japan

2011 "ECHOES" (Taka Ishii Gallery | Tokyo)
2009 "UNIVERSAL LOVE" (Taka Ishii Gallery | Tokyo)

2012 "The Cosmos as Metaphor" (Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto | Kyoto)
2011 “OUR MAGIC HOUR” How Much of the World Can We Know? YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE 2011 (Yokohama Museum of Art | Yokohama)
2010 "MOT collection : Plastic Memories" (Museum of Contemporary Art | Tokyo)
2008 "Mellow Fever" (Galerie des Galerie | Paris)
2007 "Space for Your Future - Recombining the DNA of Art and Design" (Museum of Contemporary Art | Tokyo)
2007 "Soft Power" (Zendai MOMA | Shanghai)
2006 "Cosmic Wonder" (Yerba Buena Center for Arts | San Francisco)
2005 "magic village" (MU Art Foundation | Eindhoven)
2003 "Study" (Taka Ishii Gallery | Tokyo)
2001 "Series Artist Today 2001" (Articulate Voice Yokohama Civic Gallery | Yokohama)


《Kuhonbutsu (baseball)》2010, ミhelmet,clay,file and wood, 29.5×66.5×10.0cm, photo by Kei OKANO

Chihiro MORI

1978 Born in Osaka
2005 Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, Master’s degree
Lives and works in Tokyo

2012 “Colorful Mud” (CAPSULE | Tokyo)
2012 “Pink Darkness” (Mujin-to Production | Tokyo)
2008 “Accidents” (Kodama Gallery | Tokyo)
2006 “Finger Pickles” (Kodama Gallery | Osaka)
2005 “0 kHz” (Kodama Gallery | Tokyo)
2004 “chikkenVoices” (Kodama Gallery | Osaka)

2013 “MOT Collection Part 2-- afterimages of tomorrow" (Museum of Contemporary Art | Tokyo)
2012 “Daikanyama Art Street” (Hillside terrace | Tokyo)
2011 “Attempt 3-- Hans Benda, Hirofumi Toyama, Chihiro Mori” (Museum Haus Kasuya | Kanagawa)
2010 “cosmetic girl and tired boy” (ARATANIURANO | Tokyo)
2010 “GARDEN OF PAINTING―Japanese Art of the 00s“ (The National Museum ofArt | Osaka)
2008 “Zegahi-no Kaiga (Painting, Right or Wrong)” (DAIWA PRESS VIEWING ROOM | Hiroshima)
2007 “The Door into Summer: The Age of Micropop” (Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito | Ibaragi)
2006 “ALLLOOKSAME?/ TUTTTUGUALE?: Arte Cina Giappone Corea Art” (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudeng | Torino, Italy)


《a saturday night》2014, Inkjet print mounted on Dibon wooden frame, 100×80 cm

Alexandre Maubert

1981 Born in Lyon, France
2011 Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains Jury honors - M.A. Fine Art - National studio of contemporary arts - Tourcoing, France
2009 Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, ENSP Jury honors - National school of photography - Arles, France
2005 Master of Visuals Arts & Cinema, Louis Lumière University, Lyon, France
Lives and works between Paris and Kyoto

2014 Mori Yu Gallery, le temps d’après, Kyoto, Japan

2013 Filux Festival, Casa de Francia, Monade, curated by Patrick Clanet, Mexico City, Mexico
2013 IFAL Gallery, 3 Cuerpos, curated by Patricia Martin, Mexico City, Mexico
2013 Nuit Blanche de Kyoto #3, @KCUA Gallery, collaboration with Atsunobu Kohira, curated by Isabelle Olivier, Kyoto, Japan

2012 Les Rencontres d’Arles, curated by François Hébel, Arles, France
2012 3F Project Room Gallery, curated by Eric Luong, Kyoto, Japan

2014 Kunsthalle, audiovisual performance, The smell of dust, curated by Sue Elie Andrade Dé, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013 Show Off Art Fair, curated by Dominique Moulon, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
2013 Roma Museum of contemporary arts, Macro Testaccio, Liquid Landscapes, curated by Fondazione Romaeuropa Roma, Italia
2013 Tokyo Wonder Site, open studio, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Gallery See Studio, The End, curated by d-e-r-i-v-a, Paris, France
2012 Nuit Blanche de Kyoto, Villa Kujoyama, curated by Isabelle Olivier, Institut Franco-Japonais du Kansai, Kyoto, Japan
2012 Arte Laguna Prize, curated by Igor Zanti, Arsenale, Venezia, Italia
2012 Collection Juan Mulder, curated by Jorge Villacorta, Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France
2012 Power to the Pixel, London, United Kingdom
2012 Espace pour l’art, curated by Laetitia Talbot, Arles, France
2011 Festival Bandits-Mages XII International Competition, curated by Bandits-Mages, Bourges, France
2011 Festival Cortopotere XI edition, curated by Massimiliano Fierro, Bergamo, Italia
2011 Lima Foto Fair, curated by Juan Mulder, Lima, Peru
2011 ArtLab - Pôle Image Nord Pas de Calais, curated by Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Tourcoing, France
2011 Festival Über Lebenskunst, curated by Florian Wuest, Berlin, Germany
2011 Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival International Competition, Venice, Italia
2011 Panorama 13, curated by Bernard Marcadé, Tourcoing, France
2011 Space Bandee Gallery, Busan, South Korea
2011 Ojo de Ajeno Gallery, curated by Maricel Delgado & Florence Maille, Lima, Peru
2011 Festival Accès(s), Cultures électroniques, Pau, France
2011 Berliner Hauptbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
2011 Recycl’art, curated by Yann Linsart, Brussels, Belgium
2011 Summer Garden, Almere, Netherlands
2010 New York Photo Festival 10, curated by Fred Ritchin, Lou Reed, Erik Kessels & Vince Aletti, New York, USA
2010 Official Selection 27 Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany
2010 Carte blanche au Fresnoy à la Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, curated by Alain Fleischer, Paris, France
2010 Instituto Reynosense para la cultura y las artes, curated by Daniel Orlando Lara, Reynosa, Mexico
2010 Gulf + Western Gallery and the 8th Floor Gallery, Tisch - NYU, curated by Fred Ritchin, New York, USA
2010 Regards Croisés 3, curated by Laetitia Talbot & Florence Maille, Galerie Arena, Arles, France
2010 Dans l’éventualité improbable d’un accident, curated by Gilles Pourtier, Rencontres Arles 2010 OFF, Arles France
2010 Panorama 12, Soft Machine, curated by Fabrice Bousteau, Tourcoing, France
2010 Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, curated by Colette Olof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 Van Loon Museum, curated by Philipa Van Loon, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 Maison Descartes, curated by Isabelle Mallez, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 National Geographic Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2010 Centro de la Imagen, Lima, Peru
2009 Europa Punkt, Berlin, Germany
2009 Espace Van Gogh, Arles, France
2008 Maison Européenne de la Photographie, « Mutations », Sélection Voies Off 2008, Paris, France
2008 Festival Voies Off, « Mutations », Arles, France
2008 French Cultural Institut, Valletta, Malta
2008 Espace Dune, Paris, France
2007 Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Exposition « Work In Progress », Arles, France
2007 Ecole d’Architecture de St Etienne, St Etienne, France

2013 Tokyo Wonder Site, residency, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Centro Nacional de las Arte, SRE, IFAL, residency and production grants, Mexico City, Mexico
2013 Pôle Image Nord pas de Calais, 2nd Prize "Innovation award", Tourcoing, France
2013 Casa de Velasquez, finalist, Académie de France, Madrid, Spain
2012 Villa Kujoyama, residency and production grants, Institut Français, Kyoto, Japan
2012 Prix Pierre Schaeffer, SCAM, Paris, France
2012 Arte Laguna Prize, Finalist, Venice, Italia
2012 CNC- New media, development grant, Paris, France
2012 Lab-Labanque, production grant, Béthune, France
2011 Pôle Image Nord pas de Calais, 1st Prize "Interactive Experience", Tourcoing, France
2010 Incheon Art Platform, residency and production grants, Incheon, South Korea
2010 Foam, residency and production grants, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 Incheon Film Commission, production grant, Incheon, South Korea
2010 Korean film Council, production grant, Seoul, South Korea
2010 London National Geographic Gallery, Special prize, London, United Kingdom
2009 Centro de la Imagen, residency and production grants, Lima, Peru
2009 Grand Prize of Photography, Rotary Club International
2002 Musée des moulages, residency and production grants, Lyon, France

2012 Catalogue des Rencontres d’Arles, Une école française, Actes Sud
2012 Qu’avez-vous fait de la photographie ? Actes Sud
2011 Mouvement, Texte de Matilde Roman
2011 Transdigital Cookbook n°2, Transdigital Edition
2011 Encours, Panorama 13, Les presses du réel – Art contemporain, Le Fresnoy
2010 FOAM ALBUM 10, Foam Museum Amsterdam
2010 Semaine 44.10 Immersion, Analogue Editions
2010 La Critique.org, Texte de Patrick Talbot
2010 Regards Croisés 3, Ensp Arles - Centro de la Imagen
2010 Panorama 12, Le Fresnoy Studio national des arts contemporains
2010 The Viewer N°5, Topographic
2010 Inframince n°5, ENSP et Actes Sud


《a saturday night》Biscuit palace (cookie palace)2013, Kyoto Art Center, Mixed media dimensions variable Photo by Nobutada OMOTE

Stéphane de Medeiros

1972 Born in Dahomey, Benin
1999 University Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne France,  DEA philosophie and art
Lives and works in Kobe

2010 "Kabukisenegal" (Gankagarou Gallery | Tokyo, Japan)
2008 "Burdenry" (Galerie Mycroft | Paris, France)
2006 "Rocky Balpython" (appartement C Denker | Paris, France)
2004 "J. Rappanello fait le zouave" (Deux pièces cuisine | Paris, France)
2002 "Otoke" (Bang Gallery | Seoul, South Korea)

2013 "Nuit blanche" (Kyoto Art Center | Kyoto, Japan<)/br> 2011 "Moments Artistiques" (Espace Christian Aubert | Paris, France)
2011 "Hors pistes Tokyo 2011" (M event space | Tokyo, Japan)
2011 "Happy End" (Kunsthalle Göppingen | Germany)
2009 "Nipaf" (BankArt Studio NYK | Yokohama, Japan)
2009 "Performance Art Today" (Kid Ailack Art Hall | Tokyo, Japan)
2009 "Les journées du goût" (French Institute Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan)
2009 "Lebensform Wittgenstein" (Haus Wittgenstein | Vienna, Austria)
2008 ”Report exhibition” (Zaim | Yokohama, Japan)/br> 2008 "Nipaf" (Proto theatre | Tokyo, Japan)
2008 "Art éphémère" (hotelf1 | Collegien, France)
2007 "Les artistes cassent la baraque" (A3-art,Place Saint-Sulpice | Paris, France)
2007 "Fotanian" (The galleryMill | Hong Kong, China)
2006 "ST/A/R-Auktion" (Museum für angewandte Kunst | Vienna, Austria)
2003 "Du chevalet au P38" (Frac Paca | Marseille, France)
2002 "Bodies and clothes" (The Seoul National University Museum of Art | Seoul, South Korea)
2001 "Bataclone" (Espace Huit Novembre | Paris, France)